Janitorial Services Washington DCChoosing to hire a professional janitorial service in Washington DC can give your business an edge over the competition by giving your office or company a clean, fresh appearance. A clean smelling bathroom, shiny floors, and well-maintained carpets, inspire trust and confidence in customers and clients. A clean building or office gives a good and lasting impression that customers will remember and pass on to others.

Nothing can hurt a business more than a dirty, unsanitary office, waiting room, or bathroom. Show your customers that you appreciate their business and new customers that they are important by providing them with a clean and sanitary place of business. ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington can give your business a quality, professional cleaning that makes it stand out and be remembered.

How a Business Benefits from Using a Janitorial Service

Whether you own or operate a large or small business in Washington DC, you can still benefit from using a janitorial service Washington DC. ServiceMaster Janitorial Service in Washington DC will:

  • Thoroughly clean your building from top to bottom
  • Sanitize all medical workplaces using OSHA standards
  • Clean all furniture
  • Strip and wax floors
  • Clean and deodorize carpets

ServiceMaster provides excellent janitorial services for schools, retail stores, offices, research facilities, and hotels, and even provides specialized cleaning for medical and healthcare institutions. By choosing ServiceMaster, you will receive the highest quality in healthcare cleaning possible and provide a safe and sanitary workplace for your employees and patients.

Medical and healthcare facilities require specialized knowledge in cleaning and sanitation that reduce the amounts of harmful bacteria and germs. ServiceMaster has well-trained staff who have experience in cleaning high traffic areas that may contain the highest amounts of bacteria. We use only high-grade environmentally friendly cleaning products that thoroughly eliminate germs and harmful bacteria. All of our cleaning methods are compliant with OSHA standards and our technicians have specialized training in healthcare cleaning.

Your company’s image begins with its appearance. By choosing a to use a professional janitorial service you set a standard for your company that will set it apart from all others in cleanliness, appearance, and smell. You will give customers a lasting impression as well as provide your employees with a clean and healthy work environment. Call ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington and schedule daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial cleaning for your office or business.