If you have carpet in your home you know just how challenging it can be to remove stains effectively. While there are a ton of stain removers that tend to do the job when applied in time, many people are not aware that these removal products do have some disadvantages involved with them.

Let’s take a look at a few dangers of stain removal products that you should be aware of so you can be sure that the proper precautions are being taken next time you use one.

Safety Issues

Obviously the number one danger of using stain removal products is that they can be huge safety hazards if you have children or pets in your home. They can even be a safety hazard for you if you do not take the proper precautions when using them. While it is rare, there have been horror stories about pets or children drinking these cleaning products and sometimes even dying from them.

It is important to realize that they do not just cause a safety hazard as something that could potentially be consumed from the bottle or container. Precautions also need to be taken to ensure that your pets and children stay away from the area where the remover has been used for an extended period of time to avoid any kind of complications.

Carpet Material Reacting With Chemicals

One of the biggest issues that users run into has to do with the type of chemicals in the stain removal product that they are using. The carpet industry has expanded so much over the years that materials are changing all of the time. While this generally means an increase in quality, it can also mean that the chemicals in different stain removers may not react with certain materials. This can cause several different issues from discoloring to fabric disintegration.

Most Are Time Sensitive

Many of the stain removing products out there are time sensitive and will only work if they are applied on a stain within a certain amount of time. While it is certainly true that the faster you get to a stain the better chance that the remover will work, you may be wasting your money if you go with something that is intended to be used only after if within a certain amount of time.

While most removal products can be safely used to get rid of stains from your carpet, you should definitely be aware that they are not all miracle workers. You should also be sure that you are educating yourself about the chemicals in your remover so you can be sure that safety issues are being avoided. To prevent a potentially damaging reaction with the material in your carpet, call the experts that installed the carpeting to find out what they recommend.

Overall, stain removal products are usually very effective for homeowners. They do not, however, come without their fair share of problems and potential safety hazards.

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