No other city can claim to be more professional than Washington, D.C., with its very center revolving around political office life. And while a politician’s shoes are every bit as dirty as a layperson’s (if not more so), the carpet they walk upon demands even more attention than a home. Really, any office setting, well beyond the political spectrum, even, demands more attention than a home. Heavier traffic means more dirt, and that same heavy traffic means there will be more people to see the accumulated dirt. Calling a professional is definitely in order. Even individual homes benefit from commercial carpet cleaning, but D.C.’s commercial offices call for special care.

Professional vs. Do-It-Yourself

Though it might be tempting for an office to simply purchase or rent a carpet cleaner and include carpet cleaning in the office’s janitorial staff’s duties, this method is highly ineffective and ultimately a waste of both money and time. The machines that are available over-the-counter, so to speak, lack the industrial vacuuming power of the equipment offered by a commercial carpet cleaning service. Homeowners are especially prone to the do-it-yourself tactic, but they often fail to take into account the amount of time it takes to do a thorough job, as well as the fact that the machines you can rent completely lack ergonomic design. As such, a homeowner is setting himself or herself up for backbreaking work likely to take far more time than he or she intends.

Eliminate Mold and Mildew

Ironically, mold and mildew often start to flourish in someone’s home or office following their own attempt at carpet cleaning. This is because non-commercial carpet cleaners often fail to thoroughly dry the carpet once it is shampooed, and thus, especially in warmer weather, the moist inner fibers of the carpet become ripe breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Commercial carpet cleaners have vacuum power that surpasses small units and therefore helps suck up every last bit of moisture.

Different Carpet Types

Neither the average homeowner nor the most skilled janitorial staff member is likely to be an expert in types of carpet and the best respective methods of cleaning each. Commercial carpet cleaners specialize in this type of knowledge and are able to tailor their cleaning approach to suit the length, density, and fiber type of the carpet. Whether you have lush shag carpet or flat carpet tiles, a commercial carpet cleaner will be able to ascertain the details of the type and clean it appropriately.

Beyond Carpet: Air Quality Improvement

Using a regular vacuum on a daily basis is certainly integral to cleanliness, but it may actually decrease the quality of air in the building. This is because any dust or dirt that the vacuum doesn’t suck up is most often kicked back up into the air, to land on curtains, tables, couches, and even stick to the ceiling, making the breathable air much dustier altogether. Commercial carpet cleaning, therefore, not only has the potential to make high-traffic areas pristine for walking; it can also contribute to creating a more breathable room. It’s definitely worth the investment, and the benefits extend far beyond the carpet itself.

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