Keeping a carpet looking really clean is not going to be easy if you have children and pets. It will be an almost endless job to wipe up their tracks, and it will be hard to find cleaning agents to clean up every kind of spill or stain. These carpet cleaning tips will help you with those hard to clean stains and also enable you to keep ahead of the game.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Infographic


Carpets Accumulate Several Pounds of Soil Annually

Every year, carpets will see an accumulation of a few pounds of soil added to them. This is why your carpet will change color where there is heavier traffic. The first of the carpet cleaning tips is to have everyone remove their shoes before walking on carpeted areas.

Be Sure to Vacuum Weekly

In order to prevent the dirt from becoming deeply ground into the carpet, it needs to be vacuumed at least once per week. This second of the carpet cleaning tips will remove a lot of the dirt before it becomes a part of your carpet permanently. If you have a light colored carpet, it may need to be vacuumed more often in order to keep it looking fresh.

If you have a deeper pile in your rugs, you will need to go over it more than once to get it clean. Go over each section at least twice, but several times is better and will give you a cleaner carpet.

Deep Clean Your Carpet Every Six Months

Taking time about every six months to deep clean your carpets with a carpet cleaner machine will enable you to get the dirt and stains that the vacuum cleaner could not get. It also will remove the darker paths where people walk the most and have embedded the dirt deep into it. It will also help restore its beauty. Mildew and mold will also be killed and removed, but be sure to not get the carpet too wet, so that it does not take days to dry. This will only produce more mold and mildew.

Before you run the carpet shampooer, you want to run your vacuum cleaner over the carpet first. Good carpet cleaning tips emphasize that you run the vacuum cleaner over your carpet two or three times to loosen the dirt first and remove much of it. Be sure to test the shampooer cleaning agent on a spot of your carpet before using to ensure that it does not remove the dyes and discolor it.

Then you want to treat the stains first. Use a special cleaning solution on the stains to pre-soak them. You could use the same cleaning agent that goes into the machine, but specialized cleaning compounds may work even better. See rest of article for ideas.

After using the shampooer, you need to ensure that the carpet can dry as quickly as possible. Ventilate the room to hasten the drying process. Fans could also be turned on to circulate the air and speed the drying out.

Find a Cleaning Agent That Works

There is no doubt that not every cleaning agent will work well on your carpet. Some work better than others and you will need to find one that works well on yours. Some may not work as well on one type or color of carpet as another. Once you find a good one, carpet cleaning tips strongly suggest that you keep some in a bottle for spot spraying when occasion demands it. Be sure to test it in a corner that is not easily visible to ensure it does not remove color from your carpet.

Cleaning Spots and Spills

A very important rule for cleaning any spots or spills on your carpet is to get it cleaned up immediately. Waiting even just a few minutes too long can mean the difference between getting the spill out or having it leave a stain that will be next to impossible to remove.

You want to start to remove the spill by blotting as much of it up as you can first. Simply use either a cloth or paper towels. A towel works very well, too, to absorb as much of it as possible. Try not to spread it around because this means you may end up with an even larger stain.

Once you have removed most of the spill, get the cleaning agent you tested previously, and spray it on the spot. Now, as you clean it up, rub from the outside of the spill toward the center. This will keep you from spreading it around any further.

If there is still too much moisture in the carpet, be sure to pick up more of it with towels. You can put some pressure on the spot, or add a weight on top of the towels for a couple of minutes, to try and absorb as much of it as you can.

Clean Carpets Means Better Health

The fabric of carpet and the depth of it make it an excellent place for bacteria and insects to breed. You may have bed bugs, silverfish, ticks, fleas, and dust mites living in your carpet. If it is not vacuumed often, then you can be sure that there are probably many more of these things than you may realize, especially if you have pets that go outside often.

Things like mold and mildew can affect your health. Another valuable carpet cleaning tip is that by keeping your carpet clean, you’ll be able to breathe better and enjoy better health overall.

Freshen Your Carpets with a Deodorizer

If you have pets, then there will be problems with odors at times. You can keep your carpet smelling fresh by sprinkling some deodorizer on the carpet. Then let it set for a few minutes before you vacuum it up.

Another Reason to Keep Your Carpets Looking Good

Here is another one of the carpet cleaning tips you want to pay attention to. When you have visitors, they will certainly take notice of your carpet. The tendency of visitors is to judge the hostess on the basis of how clean the carpet is kept. Many of them will speak highly of you if your carpet is noticeably clean and looking beautiful. It is a good way to make your guests happy and willing to come back.

Carpet Cleaning Tips on How to Remove Spots

Over time and with kids and pets, you will find that your carpet has all kinds of things that will get spilled on it. Unfortunately, many of them may require a different cleaning solution to remove it. Here are some of the most common types of stains and some home-made recipes that you can use to clean up the following spills:

When something is spilled on a carpet, the best carpet cleaning tip you can be given is to act quickly before a stain sets in. Most spots can be removed by following a simple formula. To make this mixture, all you need to do is to mix one quart of warm water, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of a mild detergent. Seltzer water will also work on many spots.

This mixture can be used to clean spots of blood, alcoholic drinks, chocolate, coffee, fruit juices, gravy, mud, urine, and more. In some cases, you want to put an ice cube on the spot, such as in cases of chewing gum and candle wax.

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service

Perhaps one of the more important carpet cleaning tips you can be given is this: When you are ready to do a deep clean on your carpet, which should be at least once a year, you can hire someone to do the work for you. Their professional expertise and chemicals can clean up those hard-to-clean spots, and ensure that your carpet is looking beautiful again when they leave. You can just sit back and relax with your coffee and watch them do the hard work for you.

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