1. Lost Productivity

The public sector loses billions of dollars every year due to lost productivity because of illness. When offices are cleaned regularly and with a professional touch, your employees will get sick less often, resulting from a germ-free, healthy workspace. So, clean offices equal less downtime from sickness.

2. Best Face Forward

Whenever your customers or suppliers see a messed up, cluttered, filthy office space, it makes a very bad impression on your company. A clean office if important. The mood of the whole office is geared around the feel of the office space. When it is truly clean, you see lots of innovative strategies being employed in every corner of the business. This brings overall organizational success, which inspires every worker, supervisor, and manager to increased productivity.

3. The Equipment

Lost efficiency and overall reduced productivity is the result of another area, often overlooked: keep all equipment clean. We share fax machines, copiers, printers, and even whole workstations, so it’s important to keep those regularly sanitized with wipe-on surface sanitizer solution. Also, depending on how much dust is a problem in your area, you may need to give all the electronics a good dusting.

4. A Clean Workspace Creates Happy Workers

With such good vibes from the sparkling clean surfaces throughout your office, and including good clean bathrooms, your customers are sure to enjoy personal visits, which also invokes feelings of pride in your employees, reinforcing the new policy to become a source of worker pride.

And keep it going. Don’t allow smelly garbage overflow to occur. Budget a little bit more for janitorial services. At the very least, you’ll experience boosted employee morale.

5. A Cluttering of the Mind

If paperwork is everywhere, or there are mounds of discarded this or the other, even having to look at that disarray is having an impact on your thinking, on your mind and mood. The clutter generates a kind of stress in the mind of the beholder.

There have been some famous cases of mad genius thinker types needing a level of clutter in their offices in order to be productive. But, although there undoubtedly are exceptions, for the average person, clutter brings negative stress. We have seen over and over, that productivity comes with order. This is especially true if the majority of your workers are stressed by the same environmental and work process events.

Cleanliness is vital to the overall functioning of your office. Your customers will notice first, your suppliers will be next, and they will enjoy the happy camper service they get from your happy employees.

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